Serving the Surrounding Communities for 140 Years and Counting!

Originally called McPherson Farmers Mutual, the company was founded on June 6, 1881 by a group of farmers from McPherson, Medo, Decoria and Beauford townships. These farmers met in the Village of Hilton, which is now known as the city of St. Clair. In 1881, the company had $47,794 insurance in force and paid $109.38 in losses for the year. McPherson Farmers Mutual and Minnesota Lake Mutual merged on January 1, 2006 to form the McPherson Minn Lake Mutual Insurance Company. Today, the company has over 1 billion insurance in force but is still maintains its home office in St. Clair and follows the original vision set forth well over 100 years ago.

For 140 years, this local company has put the needs of policyholders first by providing excellent coverage at an affordable rate and focusing on fair and timely claims service. As a member of McPherson Minn Lake Mutual Insurance Company, you have a voice within the company and support the philosophy of neighbors helping neighbors.


Gayle Elston, Manager

Employed since April 2017


Linda Lynch, Underwriter

Employed since April 2009


Dusty Mueller, Inspector/Adjuster

Employed since June 2020


Board of Directors

Dale Westphal, President

Janesville, MN


Bill Minks, Vice-President

Minnesota Lake, MN


Jeff Moore, Secretary/Treasurer

Winnebago, MN


Bob Kruse, Director

St. Clair, MN


John Zrust, Director

Mankato, MN

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